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In this weird time of 2020 we’re having to adapt to goal posts that are changing fast!

What does health and fitness even mean any more? How do we create our active environment at home? Is even just walking enough?

There are so many ‘online’ exercise programs out there it can be overwhelming!

Virtual Personal Training is different to online exercise.

You still get personalised attention, a time slot to book into, a way to help get routine back into your life.

You still get someone telling you what exercise to do, how to do it, but most importantly are you doing it right?! That’s what personal training is about, helping you with your movement to do it safely and effectively.

This is all still possible with virtual personal training.

What if there is a service that can really help? Not just with exercise sessions, but, support, kindness and connection.

Are you ready to give it a go?!

The ethos at the Bella Femme Studio is support, comfort, movement to enjoy life and not just to get through a gruelling workout.

A safe place for women to be themselves and become confident and strong.

We provide a caring, supportive and friendly environment for

We work to understand your challenges, your goals and
your needs.

We give you the knowledge to empower you to make changes
that work for you.

Life is for living how you want to live it!

Confidence. Strength. Joy. Feel fabulous.

We are specialised in prenatal and postnatal exercise (including light bladder leakage and prolapse). We understand the changes of menopause. And we’re all over female strength training!

We understand women.


There is ZERO risk. 14 Days to try the sessions. No sales pressure.


We want you to want to be with us and come to sessions because you’re having fun. We don’t want you to waste your money on a membership you never use.

You seriously have nothing to lose by giving it a go. Just come in and check us out.

P.S. There are a tonne of extra inclusions coming – extra online classes, extra recipe resources, psychology resources, it’s a full well being package, not just the personal training sessions.

Experience the Studio sessions for 14 Days to see if it’s what you’re looking for.

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