The Studio.

A specialist personal training and wellness studio for women.

Gisborne, Macedon Ranges.

Exercise and strength training for pregnancy, post baby, peri and post menopause.

Plus health and wellness coaching.

No body shaming. No judgement. No intimidation.

Inclusive & Supportive.


A first of its kind in and around Gisborne and the Macedon Ranges. This Studio is not your traditional fitness center or gym.

This is a place for women who hate gyms, have had enough of feeling terrible about themselves and are looking for the right venue to get strong and feel fabulous.

We totally understand the overwhelm, the binge cycle, extreme tiredness and feeling like you don’t fit in.

It’s time for women to build confidence, get back in control of their body, increase energy and find joy in their lives. This is the promise of the Bella Femme Studio.

Not only is it be a women’s only Studio, but the trainers are qualified to provide exercise programming for pregnancy and post natal, peri and post menopause, female strength training and appropriate programs for women who suffer incontinence and/or prolapse.

PLUS, mums can bring their kids anytime! There is a secure (fun) child’s play area for those mums using the Studio to bring their kids along.

The Bella Femme Studio is unique. Think wellness spa combined with weights and exercise equipment. There are no mirrors lining the walls. It is light and bright, like a wellness spa. There are natural colours and natural light. Not the heavy black you may be used to. Our focus is on free weighted movement, not machines.

We are personal trainers with specialist knowledge on how to train women through all stages of womanhood. We’re not your average personal trainer.

There is no other fitness facility that combines a wellness spa look and feel, with free weights and weighted movement, and personal trainers with specialist knowledge on how to train pre and postnatal women, peri and post menopause women and women with conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis or hashimotos.

The Studio is being brought to life by former police officer and workplace investigator, now specialist personal trainer and wellness coach, Sonia Hennessy. Read more about Sonia’s story here.

We keep the Bella Femme Fitness Facebook page updated, so please connect with us if you haven’t already and want to get the updates on what’s happening at the Studio.

If you’d like to try the Studio out, register for a trial 14 Days for $14. Unlimited sessions for 14 days!


A place to feel safe

A safe place for mums with anxiety and/or post-natal depression

A safe place for mums with children on the autism spectrum


A place to get strong

A place to regroup

A place of empowerment

A place of solidarity

A place of trust and integrity


No bullshit

No fear

No false promises

No body shaming

No fat phobia

No damaging messages


A place to find meaning in life

A place to find kinship

A place to create lifelong, meaningful friendships


A place where everyone understands and there’s no need for explanation or pretence

A place to learn and grow