Body Transformation is BS

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You've seen the posts... the adverts that pop up in your news feed, they're everywhere. Promises of 'body transformation in 8 weeks' or 4 weeks or 6 weeks or 12 weeks. Whatever the promotion is.

Exercise as joyful movement

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What about if we looked at things from a different angle? Have you thought that maybe it's not exercise that you hate but the way it's delivered? Or the way the trainer makes you feel?

Prolapse – do you know?

Prolapse can occur as a result of pregnancy and/or child birth. Women with two or more children and who experience a forceps delivery are at greater risk of a prolapse. In fact, estimates are that 50% of women with two or more children and/or a forceps delivery have a prolapse.

Five Myths of Weight Loss

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All of the weight loss programs out there on the market that are advertised for six weeks or 12 weeks. Transformation formula, transformation body, all of them are about calorie deprivation, food deprivation and high-intensity exercise. There are just variations of the food that you eat and the types of exercise you do, but the formula is the same for all of them...