You’ve seen the posts…

…the adverts that pop up in your news feed, they’re everywhere. Promises of ‘body transformation in 8 weeks’ or 4 weeks or 6 weeks or 12 weeks. Whatever the promotion is.

How many times have you signed up to them?

How many times have you thought ‘this one might work’?

How many times have you thought ‘it must be me, I can’t do it because I’m not good enough’?

Have you ever taken a step back and looked at what ALL of these programs do?

The formula is very simple, starve people of food and tell them they have to do high intensity workouts at least 5 times a week.

Every. Single. One.

Sure, they’ll sell you some line like ‘I’ve done my research and this works’. Or, ‘I’ve worked hard over the years to find the right formula and this is it’. Or whatever other lines they think will work.

Truth is, they’re all just a variation of the same thing. Tell people not to eat and smash them in hardcore workouts. The only variations are the recipes and exercises.

There’s no magic to it.

Thing is – for the majority of people this approach is destined for failure.

Leaving aside the massive injury risk of going from being deconditioned (unfit) to full on exercises without building up to it, there is zero consideration for what is actually achievable for the person long term.

It’s all focused on the short term.

Then the formula goes – blame the person when they can’t achieve ‘results’ or can’t ‘stick to’ the magic program.

It’s the same. Over and over again.

My heart honestly breaks for the BS that people are being sold.

Yes – this approach works for most in the short term. But, at what cost?


Feeling like shit about yourself because you can’t do it and it seems like everyone else can? (which they can’t by the way).

There is only ONE approach that truly works. Finding a balance that is right for you for now and building on it.

There is zero point to doing a program for 8 weeks and then stopping.

If you’re not enjoying it, if you’re waiting for it to be over, it’s not the right approach for you.

We ALL need to work towards achieving 30 mins of exercise every day. For base line health.

30 mins EVERY DAY.

Which includes at least two strength training sessions a week.

And that 30 mins doesn’t mean smashing yourself in a session that makes you feel sick (unless you enjoy that of course!).

30 mins of movement that you ENJOY and is ACHIEVABLE for you!
Work towards achieving that. Once you’ve got that nailed. Then look to increase it. Whether in frequency or intensity.

Ditch the ‘body transformation’ bull shit. Focus on what you can achieve that works for you LONG TERM.

You might start with 2 strength sessions a week and then build on that.

Or 30 mins of walking a day and build on that.

Whatever is achievable for you. One step at a time.

And a little ‘secret’, once us women get to over 45 that 30 mins a day needs to be 60 mins a day. To counteract the effects of ageing.

That’s my current goal. That by the time I’m 50 I have increased my activity to 1 hour a day. I’ve got 4 years to get that habit worked out!

What’s your goal?

What’s achievable for you right now?

What do you want long term?

About Bella Femme Fitness.

Sonia Hennessy is a specialised women’s health personal trainer and health coach. She has a staunchly anti-diet approach and started Bella Femme Fitness as a way to address the harmful effects of the current culture of the fitness industry. Bella Femme Fitness operates a personal training studio for women in Gisborne, Macedon Ranges, Victoria, Australia, helping women get fit and strong mentally and physically.