What are you really looking for? Don’t be deceived by marketing hype.

If you’ve ever price compared fitness providers, have you ever stopped to think about the difference in value each service provides?

Admittedly, some of the communication of value lies with the fitness provider.

However, I think there’s a misconception out there on value.

Marketing messages can be very powerful. But, if you unpack them, you may find you’re often wasting your money.

If you pay say $60 a week for ‘unlimited’ sessions, but in those sessions you’re one of 20 – 30 people where you get little to no personalised attention…


…say $70 a week for unlimited in sessions where there are much smaller numbers and you get individualised attention throughout the session.

Which provides more value? The sessions where you’re just a number, or the sessions where you get personalised attention?

Or, you might pay for an 8 week program that guarantees ‘results’ or your money back.

Have you looked at the terms of the program? What ‘guarantees’ the results?

Generally, those guarantees are filled with shame. Always, the provider blames the client for the failure and rarely refunds any money. It’s pretty easy to say ‘you didn’t comply so there’s no refund’.

After those 8 weeks, even if you did get ‘results’, do you track what happens then? Generally, any weight lost goes back on. And that is NOT the fault of the individual, it’s the fault of the program.

Short term program = short term results. So that $400 or $500, or I’m hearing even $650 for 8 weeks, ends up wasted as any ‘results’ are short term.

How many times have you gone back over and over signing up to an 8 week program?

How many times have you hated it?

How many times did the ‘results’ not last?

So was that really value for money?

And if anyone does question these trainers, they’re likely to get a barrage of ‘well it’s your fault, you’re lazy’ type response.

It’s total BS!!!

Check in with what is truly long term value.

What do you really want?

Short term results that don’t last, or long term change?

What is really of value to you?

Stop being sucked in by the gimmicks and trickery of the fitness industry.

Check in with what you see as value and ignore the marketing BS.

Long term, whole of life, consistent, achievable, personalised that all long term value.

And yep, that’s what we’re all about at Bella Femme Fitness and the Bella Femme Studio!

Sonia Hennessy is a personal trainer and wellness coach and operates the Bella Femme Studio in Gisborne, Victoria, Australia. The Bella Femme Studio is a personal training and wellness coaching service specialised in helping busy mums to build confidence, get back control of their body, increase energy and find joy in their lives. Sonia is also a pre and postnatal, and pre and post menopause fitness specialist.

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