Membership and Pricing.

Our membership principle is to make is easy to get to a session whenever it suits you.

The group personal training sessions are held throughout the day and evening have the same program each week. You can book in an come along when it suits you. And you know the program will be something you can adapt to. All programs are structured so every person can work at the level that suits them. The program for the group PT sessions is changed every week.

The classes are run throughout the week at different times (Boxing, TRX Suspension Training , Bella HIIT and Stretch & Relax). The classes are offered to provide some variation each week for those members who are looking for it.

The maximum number of participants for the exercise classes varies from 7 – 12.

The maximum number of participants for the group personal training sessions is 6.

If you’d like to know more about our approach head over to Our Philosophy page to find out more.

Sign-up for 14 Days for $14!

Access to all sessions and classes for the 14 day period.