Our Philosophy.

Our approach at Belle Femme Fitness is somewhat different to the standard stereotype for personal trainers. We work with you to understand your challenges, your goals and your needs so that you walk away with the knowledge to help empower you to make positive changes that work for you.

Focusing on what you want and need, we don’t conform to the industry hype. The words ‘bikini body’ do not enter our training descriptions.

We teach a non-diet approach and hold no judgement on what you weigh or what you look like. For us, it’s about health, happiness and what you want.

We understand the challenges of motherhood, the overwhelm, the anxiety, the feelings of not being good enough, of not fitting in. We also understand how intimidating the traditional gym environment can be.

We believe that there needs to be a space that women can feel safe and trust that they are being looked after.

We believe strength = empowerment and that’s why we value true strength training for women.

We provide a caring, nurturing, supportive and friendly environment for women.

Oh, and we have coffee!

We place high value on quality personal training. We don’t just count reps, we watch, we listen we talk. We give you correct advice on exercise technique that’s relevant for you. We can cater for a pregnant mum, alongside a post-menopausal mum alongside a mum training for a powerlifting competition!